chlorinated paraffin paints for vinyl flooring malaysia


    "connecting you to vinyl additives" ... -chlorinated paraffin (cp)-epoxidised soya bean oil (esbo) stabilizer. lead stabilizer-tribasic lead sulphate (tls)-lead stearate (ls)-one packed stabilizer mixed metal stabilizer-barium cadmium zinc (bacdzn)-calcium zinc (cazn)-barium zinc (bazn) lubricant-pe wax-calcium stearate-zinc stearate-stearic acid impact modifiers-chlorinated polyethylene (cpe ...

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  • Tag: plasticizer -

    Paraffin Wax 0.5%, 58-60°C, M.P; Paraffin Wax 0.5%, 66-68°C, M.P; Paraffin wax Max 1%; Paraffin Wax Semi Refined. Paraffin Wax 1-1.5%; Paraffin wax 1-3%; Paraffin Wax 3-5%; Paraffin wax 5-7%; Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5%; Granule Paraffin Wax Max 3%; Paraffin Wax Flake | Flake Paraffin wax; Micro crystalline Wax; Polyethylene wax; Chlorinated ...

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  • Plasticizers - KLJ Group

    KANACHLOR | Chlorinated Paraffins (CP). An extensive range of Chlorinated Paraffin Grades are manufactured with varying paraffin carbon chain, chlorine contents & stabilizer to suit the specific needs of the customers. Reach registered products available.

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  • Why use Chlorinated Rubber Paint - New Venture …

    Please note however that chlorinated rubber paint is not compatible with other paints. The Uses of Chlorinated Rubber Coatings. Chlorinated rubber paint is a general purpose coating that can be used for interior and exterior applications, from road markings to swimming pools and everything in between. It can be painted on a variety of surfaces ...

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  • Marine Vinyl - Clark Rubber

    This Vinyl is rugged and crack-proof, It is specially designed for boats, furniture, cars and more. A general-purpose medium weight vinyl with anti-mildew, flame retardant additives, UV stabilised and salt water r. Protect your chairs, tables, couches and other furniture by covering them with this ultimate Marine Vinyl! This Vinyl is rugged and crack-proof, It is specially designed for boats ...

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  • Thinner & Solvents - Muar Aerosol Spray Paint, …

    Also for inks,adhesives, contact cement and vinyl-coated boat lines. Isopropyl Alcohol. Details. Water-white mobile liquid with a mild odor. Miscible in all proportions with organic,liquids and has excellent solvent power. Used to replace industrial ethyl alcohol in many medicines and spirit varnishes. Suggested Uses. Used in spirit varnishes and paints. Wide applications in extraction and ...

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  • Corrosionpedia - What is Chlorinated Rubber? - …

    Chlorinated rubber is a primary substance used as an ingredient for paints, coatings and adhesives that are applied as protective films, and is a common ingredient in single pack coatings. These film-like materials are applied on corrosion-prone metal surfaces. Chlorinated rubber has the following properties that make it particularly effective for this application:

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  • Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint | Concrete Floor Paint

    Chlorinated rubber Floor Paint is a rubberised coating that provides excellent elasticity so doesn’t crack when it is flexed and bent. Allong with aproviding a high tolerance to chemical and oil spils. Key Facts. Two coats recommended for best results. Touch Dry in 20-40 mintues. Overcoat in 12-24 Hours. Full Dry in 7 Days. Suitable for Medium foot traffic. Product exhibits a excellent ...

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  • Chlorinated paraffin 52#,China -

    Chlorinated paraffin is the chlorinated derivatives of wax hydrocarbons, its advantages are low volatility, flame-retardancy, good electric-insulation, good compatibility, odorless, good chemical stability, low cost and etc. It can be used as flame retardant, PVC plasticizer, binder and fillers. It is widely applied in the production of cable materials, flooring materials, hoses, leather ...

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  • Long Chain Chlorinated Paraffins 52#-Hebei …

    Essential information: As a good flame retardant, binder and filler, lubricant additive, mainly as an auxiliary plasticizer for vinyl chloride products. It can also be used in paints, chlorinated rubber and styrene-butylene resin coatings. In addition, the company also produces export-grade chlorinated paraffin-52, which is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, flame-retardant, non-volatile,

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  • Hong Tai 19mm Pre Cut For Perodua Aruz Anti Slip …

    Hong Tai 19mm Pre Cut For Perodua Aruz Anti Slip Car Floor Mat/Carpet/Coilmat Magic Velcro Backing Car Floor Mat 2 Tone Colour (Made In Malaysia) Anti slip - Special anti slip spike design at the bottom layer to prevent slipping ; Odorless - PVC resin material will not hazard health. No toxic chlorinated paraffin, no plastic smell; Comfortably - vinyl-coil top 13-19mm with good elasticity ...

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  • DECORATIVE PAINTS - Kossan Paint

    Kossan Paint (M) Sdn Bhd. Kossan Paint (M) Sdn Bhd has been putting its effects in manufacturing and marketing of Marine, Industrial, Decorative paints & Powder Coatings, providing a total solution to the needs of protection and decoration.

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  • Kemplast Industries - Manufacturer from Kalol N. G ...

    Kemplast Industries, Kalol N. G., Gandhinagar, Gujarat - Established in 1996, we are Manufacturer of Chlorinated Paraffin, Industrial Hydrochloric Acid , Industrial Chlorainated Paraffin Wax and Chemical Reagents & Catalysts

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  • Wood Vinyl and Pvc Flooring - ALAQSA CARPETSAl …

    Wood Vinyl Flooring offered is widely demanded by clients. These wood vinyl flooring is ideal for homes, shopping complexes, computer rooms, gym areas, school and business offices etc. As many of our client request for produce Vinyl Adhesive, now we are introduce Vinyl Sticker X-tra Wax (VAX) and Vinyl Tiles Adhesive (VTA). Easy to install ...

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  • Pergut® | Powdered chlorinated polymers by …

    Chlorinated rubber.Binder for, among other things, anticorrosion coatings. Pergut® S 20 Chlorinated rubber.Binder for, among other things, anticorrosion-, concrete floor coatings and roadmarking paints. Pergut® S 40 Chlorinated rubber.Binder for anti-corrosion coatings; combination binder for e.g. alkyd resins, acrylates and ketone resins.

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