di isononyl phthalate dinp

  • Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) - Proposition 65 …

    Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) Why am I being warned about potential exposure to DINP? DINP is on the Proposition 65 list because it can cause cancer. Exposure to DINP may increase the risk of cancer.

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  • NTP-CERHR Monograph on the Potential Human Reproductive ...

    • di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) • di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP) • di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) • butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) • di-n-octyl phthalate (DnOP) • di-n-hexyl phthalate (DnHP) Phthalates are a group of similar chemicals widely used to soften and increase the flex-

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  • Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) Reference List

    exposure to diisononyl phthalate (DINP) in children's product (80). U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. HERO ID: 791209, 9. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 2001. Report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission by the Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel on diisononyl phthalate (DINP) Bethesda, MD: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ...

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  • Comparative in vivo hepatic effects of Di-isononyl ...

    Comparative in vivo hepatic effects of Di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) and related C7-C11 dialkyl phthalates on gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC), peroxisomal beta-oxidation (PBOX), and DNA synthesis in rat and mouse liver. Smith JH(1), Isenberg JS, Pugh G Jr, Kamendulis LM, Ackley D, Lington AW, Klaunig JE.

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  • Di(isononyl) phthalate (DINP) and di(isodecyl) …

    Recently there have been reports of liver and kidney tumors in rodents following long-term exposure to di (isononyl) phthalate (DINP). Mechanistic studies suggested that the liver tumors were a...

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  • Phthalate Di-isodecyl & Di-isononyl phthalates

    Context - Diisodecyl-phthalate (DIDP) and Diisononyl-phthalate (DINP) are two closely related substances that are mainly used as additives in plastics to make them more flexible. Their widespread use in everyday products, from floorings and shoe soles to toys has raised some concerns about their safety.

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  • Diisononyl phthalate - KH Chemicals

    Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) is a phthalate used as a plasticizer in e.g. food contact materials. D DINP is typically a mixture of chemical compounds consisting of various isononyl esters of phthalic acid.

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  • Oxidative Metabolites of Diisononyl Phthalate as ...

    Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) is a complex mixture of branched-chain dialkyl phthalate isomers, predominantly containing nine carbons in the alkyl chain. DINP is used primarily as a plasticizer in polyvinyl chloride plastics (Abe et al. 2003) and is widely used in automotives, building materials, consumer products, and

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  • Material Safety data sheet Di-Isononyl Phthalate(DINP)

    Material Safety data sheet Di-Isononyl Phthalate(DINP) 2 7.Handling and storage Handling: Safe handling advice IF possible,use material transfer/filling,metering and blending plants that are closed.

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  • Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel Report on Diisononyl ...

    Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) is a complex of branched C-9 isomers that is used as a general purpose plasticizer to render polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flexible. It has a broad range of applications in toy manufacturing, construction, and general consumer product

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    DI-ISONONYL PHTHALATE reacts exothermically with acids to generate isononyl alcohol and phthalic acid. Strong oxidizing acids may cause a vigorous reaction that is sufficiently exothermic to ignite the reaction products. Heat is also generated by interaction with caustic solutions.

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  • Diisononyl phthalate - Wikipedia

    Di-“isononyl” phthalate (DINP) Restriction list . Diisononyl phthalate . Other, EU. Com. Reg. No 10/2011 on plastic materials in contact with food . CAS names . 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, 1,2-diisononyl ester . Other . IUPAC names . 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, di-C8-10 branched alkylesters, C9 rich . Registration dossier . 1,2-bis(7-methyloctyl) benzene-1,2-dicarboxylate ...

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  • Diisononyl phthalate …

    Diisononyl phthalate ester content ≥99 % (mixture of C 9 isomers), technical grade Synonym: DINP CAS Number 28553-12-0. Linear Formula C 6 H 4 (CO 2 C 9 H 19) 2. Molecular Weight 418.61 . Beilstein/REAXYS Number 3217775 . PubChem Substance ID 24863457. NACRES NA.23

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  • Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) | Health & …

    Because of its toxicity, the di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) has been replaced by other plasticizers such as di (isononyl)-cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxilic acid (DINCH), tri-octyltrimellitate (TOTM) and di-(isononyl) phthalate (DiNP).

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  • Diisononyl phthalate (DINP)

    Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) Method number 1 Application Air analysis Analytical principle Gas chromatography Completed in October 2011 Summary This method allows the simultaneous determination of gaseous and particulate di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) occurring in the workplace air in aconcentration range

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